9th September 2016



SmartMediaScotland has been established to provide overstretched marketing departments in organisations great and small with the resources they need to manage, support and develop everything from special projects to day-to-day workloads.

In the current climate there is little slack in marketing departments as staffing levels are kept to a minimum. This means there is no extra capacity to see through that special project, or focus on a key area of development, or simply help out when recruitment changes make it difficult to meet deadlines.

Until now, the solution was either hiring another full-time member of staff with all the obligations and costs that entails, or hoping a recruitment agency could work a miracle and find the exact person you need on a temporary basis.

Why pray for miracles or pay high recruitment charges when you can call SmartMediaScotland and benefit from cost-effective, transparent daily rates? Many organisations have and are delighted with the results.


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